High pressure cleaner

High pressure cleaner 2000 W VERTO (ref. no. 52G400) is a sturdy and reliable tool with pump made of aluminium alloy. It allows to clean even very dirty surfaces with use of 110 bar pressure. It features good mechanical strength to allow failure free operation. Auto-stop system synchronized with lance trigger button stops the motor when water flow drops to zero. Pressure cleaner is equipped with gun handle with lance, pressure hose, detergent container and convenient reel to store high pressure hose. CE certificate confirms compliance with European safety standards. VERTO brand offers power tool and accessories assortment for all DIY enthusiasts.
Kup w Fixero
  • Power 2000 W
  • Supply voltage 230V~50Hz
  • Water flow 6 l/min
  • Type of pump aluminium body
  • Maximal pressure 160 bar
  • Protection class II
  • Sound intensity 100 dB
  • Working pressure 110 bar