Tools for maintenance cutting of trees, bushes and garden plants

Tools for maintenance cutting of trees, bushes and garden plants

Regular maintenance cutting of trees, bushes and garden plants allows them to develop correctly and blossom at the right time, also gives aesthetical look to the garden. Proceed with maintenance cutting at the right time of year, and most importantly, using the right tools. Below we list indispensible cutting tools that any gardener should have.

Pruning shears

This is basic cutting tool that will prove useful for maintenance cutting of flowers, parts of hedges or small ornamental trees. Pruning shears can be divided into groups:

  • Short – used for maintenance cutting of plants up to 30 mm in diameter. Market offers short pruning shears for right and left handed people.
  • Long  - these tools have long handles (40 up to 90 cm) used for maintenance cutting of sprouts up to 5 cm in diameter. Pruning shears of this type usually are equipped with special handles made of rubber or foam that prevent slipping of hands when working. Moreover, some of these cutters feature special lever that improves cutting force and special bumpers to protect from injuries to elbows and wrists.
  • Telescopic - these pruning shears allow for cutting branches without ladder. This tool offers telescopic extension arm to cut at up to 6 metres height.

Garden saw

The tool used for cutting dry or wet wood and living branches. Garden saws are divided into types:

  • Bow saws  with replaceable blades 350-912 mm long. Bow saws are great for cutting dry and wet wood, and allow to use rotary blade which makes it possible to cut branches in hard to reach areas. Using a bow saw is not easy, therefore you should use protective gloves with this tool. Hold a bow saw only by plastic or rubber handle provided for such purpose.
  • Saws with handle  – can be straight tools for universal use or curved used only for cutting of living branches. The market offers such saws with blade size 180-375 mm. Some saws with handle allow to replace blunt blade and fix the device on an extension arm to cut branches without a ladder.

Power tools in a garden

In large and complex gardens, maintenance cutting of trees, bushes and plats is virtually impossible without appropriate power tools. The best tools for cutting are as follows:

      • Hedge trimmer  – ergonomic shape and long blade provide precision and comfort of cutting. Modern hedge trimmers also feature powerful Li-Ion batteries that allow for quiet and continuous operation without a power cord. New VERTO hedge trimmer with VES battery is a great example of such power tool. Ergonomic handle shape and comfortable location of the switch button provide high comfort of work. VERTO hedge trimmer also features special protections: hand guard for efficient isolation from cutting element and safety brake, which stops the cutting blade in less than 0.5 seconds when necessary.
      • Chain saw – tool indispensible for season tasks in a garden. Chain saw allows for maintenance cutting of tree branches, prepare firewood and for use in building light wooden structures, e.g. tool shed. Chain saws divide into battery powered and petrol devices. Cordless saws offer lower power compared to petrol devices, but they easily handle basic tasks in garden and are more friendly to environment. The newest VERTO device is an example of efficient cordless saw. This saw allows user to adjust the cutting chain without keys, only with special knobs with manipulators. The VERTO saw also features metal bumper spike for greater precision in wood cutting. The tool also integrates numerous protections: guide bar tip to eliminate kick back during operation, wide hand guard and steel chain catcher that protects the operator from effects of potential chain break. Additional advantage of the VERTO chain is Li-Ion battery design in compliance with modern VES system.
          See the presentation of the hedge trimmer and the VERTO chainsaw:

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