What you need to know about planting thujas! 6 basic steps

Thujas, a genus of coniferous trees, belong to the most popular plants in the country. They are very resilient plants, very resistant to soil conditions and carelessness in maintenance.

However, it is good to follow a few rules right from the start, at the stage of planting. You can take the plants out of cups and plant them throughout the whole season. Average species require approximately 6 weeks to grow roots. If the time is too short before ground frost, it will freeze. Thujas are used most often as hedge plants, appreciated also for their great tolerance for cutting.

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A well looking hedge requires well developed concept and precision in planting. If you aim for quick results, and you plan the hedge for 2 metres tall at most, then the minimum separation distance for Smaragd thujas is 50 cm.

    • Arrange the plants in cups at desired distances
    • Make sure you have enough plants for planned line-up
    • Be careful to set the plants in a straight line

Make additional measurements for each piece at the planting phase. There’s always a shift that appears that can destroy the concept completely after just a few metres.

Dołek powinien być około dwukrotnie większy niż osłona. Przygotuj odpowiednie podłoże, zasyp dołek a następnie zalej porządnie wodą (powinna stać do połowy głębokości dołka). Delikatnie wyciągnij roślinę z osłony i rozluźnij bryłę korzeniową. Teraz w powstałym wcześniej błocie, umieszczamy naszą thuje i delikatnie przysypujemy. Kiedy woda osiądzie, dosypujemy ziemi, dogniatamy roślinę.

The hole should be about twice as big as the cup. Prepare the right substrate, fill in the hole, and then water abundantly (there should be water standing up to the middle of the hole depth). Take the plant carefully out of the cup and loosen the root clump. Next put the thuja in the mud produced earlier and slightly cover with ground. When the water sinks in, add ground and compress around the plant.

Be very careful to plant the tree at the right depth (just as it stands in the cup). When planted too deep or too shallow, it will struggle to survive instead of using its vital forces for rooting in a new place. Water the plant when finished. Considering hedges, it’s necessary to mention cutting. In order to get a wall-like thuja hedge, you must cut it 4 or 5 times in the growing season! Do the first cutting in spring, when the ground frost ends (including the night frosts). Do the last cutting approximately one and a half month before cold (temperature fall below 0ºC). Six steps will guarantee your success at planting.

1. Make sure to plant 6 weeks before ground frosts at the latest

2. Plan for the right separation distances

3. Prepare hole correctly

4. Treat the hole with water

5. Loosen the root clump and plant the tree

6. Water regularly!!! (at least for the first few weeks after planting)


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