Watering – what you really need to know!

Watering is everyday life in summer season.

This apparently trivial thing, if done carelessly and thoughtlessly, can do some damages in your garden and budget. Basic rules for watering plants seem to be widely known.

  • Above all, do not water in full sunlight.

But why shouldn't you water your garden just in the time of day when it's the greatest relax to operate hose and nozzle?

At first, water drops sitting on leaves may act like lenses, leading to burns, discolouration of leaves or drying of young sprouts.

Secondly, when watering in full sunlight and at high temperature you take risk of significant loss of water due to very intense evaporation, this way the plants get less water than it seems ;)

  • Obviously, the best time for watering your garden is morning or early evening.

It is important to get it done before dark. Plants "go to sleep" after sunset! When you water your garden after sunset, the plants will absorb moisture remaining in soil only in the morning, after sunrise.

  • There's a thing to notice on watering lawns.

The rules are the same, but in case of turf the most frequent result of night watering is moss taking over. That's right, when watering lawn after dark you "feed" only moss.

You surely know what is the best time for the action. If a watering system handles the garden, your role ends here. It's another matter if you water with your own hands, using a hose. Important thing to notice here is the right selection of water stream for various species of plants.

Species with fragile blossoms (e.g. larkspur, salvia, astilbe) and flexible sprouts (bride's feathers, buddleja) require more distributed water stream. Use strong concentrated stream for more "weighty" trees and bushes. Certain species, like rhododendron, can't stand flushing over leaves. It's good to select the right mode in the spray gun to avoid too strong water stream uncovering earth and damaging root clumps. Short observation will let you know what water stream is best for specific plants in your garden.

It's important to have a choice ;) So it's good to equip yourself with a spray gun for watering with at least a few different modes. You should also make a notice on stream lock function and how ergonomic is the gun.

Now we can only wish you great fun while watering and testing your spray guns in hot days!

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Watch our video – How to assemble watering system by yourself:

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